1000L Micro Brewery Equipment

1000L Micro Brewery Equipment

Product Description

1000L Micro Brewery Equipment

The brewery system include malt milling, brewhouse, fermentation tanks(BBT tanks), cooling system, control box and the CIP washing station.

3 vessel:mash tun, lauter tun, Brew kettle/ whirlpool tank.

2 vessel:Mash/Lauter tun + Brew kettle/Whirlpoo



• Mash tun with agitator, hydrator and grist case for option

• Lauter tun with rake, plow and scraper

• False bottom thickness 5mm, 0.7mm V-shape gaps, divided into pieces making easy taking out.

• Can be designed for high plato brewing.

• Wort collection ring

• Glass type wort grant after lautering

• Boiling kettle/whirlpool with reduced tangential inlet

• Wort outlet with trubs dam

Beer Fermenting / Brites:

-Total capacity: with 25% headspace
-Dome top and cone bottom, bottom cone, (60 degree for BFV)
-Interior Shell: SUS304, T 3.0mm;
-Exterior Shell: SUS304, T 2.0mm;
-Insulation: PU, T100mm
-100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield
-Interior Finish: to 0.4~0.6μm/ Mirror polishing
-Cooling Jacket: both on cone and cylinder parts, T 1.5mm
-Top mounted manhole/Side manhole
-Relief/vacuum valve


• SUS304 box

• Automatic or semi-automatic control

• Mashing temperature steps control

• Boiling temperature control

• Motors/pump speed control adjustable

• Finishing beeps

• Temperature display in Fahrenheit or Degree Celsius

• Famous brand components

Definitely we also do customized brewery as per brewer’s preference, and we work together from the design/layout/size to finalize the perfect brewery.


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